Everything we do is about
connecting your users with your brand,
business or product.

Branding Strategy

Brand Strategy

Creative, distinctive & memorable

Whether you know who you are or need help to discover your voice, we’ll tell your story beautifully.

UX Design

UX Design

Designed for users, tested on humans

Evaluating your users’ wants and needs allows us to create experiences they’ll love.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Hand-crafted & pixel-perfect

Making even the most complicated tasks as beautiful as they are fulfilling and exciting to touch.



Agile, cutting-edge & native

Natively developed and compelling mobile apps, whatever the platform, whatever the device.

Exceptional ideas are the result
of a collaborative effort


Appchemy is a user-centric mobile agency. Our goal is to create
delightful and enriching mobile experiences that will captivate your
users. We work happily across all platforms and devices, as well as
borders and time zones. From strategy, design and all the way to
development you’ll find our approach insightful, our honesty
refreshing and our enthusiasm wonderfully unrelenting.

Working With Us

We don’t want to work for you. But we’d love to work with you.
Understanding why you want something is as important to us as
understanding what you want. Because we can take that
emotion and use it to influence our whole process. Some may
call that client focus. We like to think of it as an unbridled passion
that helps to ensure there’s a beautiful perfection that runs
through everything we create.


At Appchemy we take a User-Centred Design approach. We believe
that problem solving and empathy are key to successful apps and
because we put users at the very heart of product design, we
create experiences people love.

Our UCD philosophy provides us with valuable insights that help to
challenge every aspect of the idea. It allows us to identify at
exactly which points their goals, desires and emotions align those
with your own business objectives. Which is where fantastically
magnificent things happen.

Those things lead to the rest of your users believing your product
has been designed just for them. Because of course it has.

Find out more about how our approach can help you create the
best experience for your customers and your users.

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Every part of our process is essential to your users’
 Creating a product that is as effortless
to use as it is technically solid.

We Work Lean(er) :

Historically, software agencies have used a Waterfall Model; a deliverables-based practice from the 80’s, each stage reliant on the previous in order to complete the next. We’re a bit different, we work smarter not necessarily harder. We break down our process to 5 main stages as summarised below:

Overview :

The team work closely in collaboration with you, keeping you, the client informed at every stage. It also means we can iterate and make informed choices along the way with everyone involved. We don’t have individual departments, just one big one.



We make certain it’s going to fly before it takes off

We don’t just jump in. Before anything else we get to understand your
market, your competition and your audience. And combined with
everything else we already understand about mobile, this gives us a
valuable insight into what’s going to work for you right from the start.

Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Focus Group
Usability Testing
Task Analysis


Together we uncover the touches that can make your product great.

We know mobile, you know your business. Here’s where we pool our
knowledge, share our ideas and fish out the really good stuff that’s
going to shape everything – from your product’s features and
functionality to how it finds its way into your users’ lives. Together,
we’ll discover:

  • What your users wants/needs are

  • What their typical feelings/emotions are

  • What expected behaviours we can safely assume

  • What conclusions we make about them


3Brand Strategy

We‘ll help you to discover who you are.

How it looks, how it feels, how it acts. Every detail of your product will
create an impression. We need to be sure it’s the right one. So if you
don’t already have a set of guidelines we’ll help you to develop a
compelling and comprehensive brand that will see your personality
shine through loud and clear. Together, we’ll help:

  • Determine your long-term brand strategy goals

  • Create a memorable brand story

  • Apply your branding across a mobile experience

  • Determine what makes your brand/product unique

4Visual design

How great its looks is how well it works.

We’re not just talking about making your product beautiful. Great
design is taking your brilliant but complicated idea and making it
simple, intuitive and satisfying to engage with. It’s the difference
between an app interface that does its job and one that, well,
doesn’t. This is where we ensure yours does.

Paper Sketching
Prototype Validation
Interface Design
Usability Testing


Let’s breathe some Life into it.

Planning? Done. Design? Done. Development? Now.
But the way your users on one platform will want to experience your app won’t be the same as your users on another. We use our multilingual coding skills to build something that’s impeccably tailored for every individual
need – iOS, Android, whatever.

Native Android
Native Ios

6End to End Testing

Before we let your app into the big wide world we need to know
exactly how it’s going to behave. We comprehensively test to see
how it reacts to a whole range of scenarios – to identify bugs
and eliminate issues that could harm your reputation. Even after
launch we’ll keep an eye out for any teething problems.

Our testing framework consists of:

  • Pinpointing critical issues

  • Bug management

  • Scenario-based testing

  • Stress and server testing

  • Hardening


7Launch Strategy

Gain traction and get – in – front of customers.

Acquiring and keeping those users engaged can be tricky, luckily
we’re pretty great at helping users find your app and know a thing or
two about retention. From App Store Optimisation to external
marketing campaigns to landing pages and social accounts,
we’re on it.

Talk to us about Creating amazing Mobile 
apps for your business

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