We bring the wolrd’s best  businesses to life
through mobile apps 


Every successful business starts with a great idea, that meets unmet customer needs!


Providing expertise in app development, digital and strategic marketing, business development and processes.


Finding appropriate investment to enable each business to launch and test the market for 6 months!

Empowered by mobile

Appchemy works alongside new app entrepreneurs and established companies, that are uniquely enhanced by mobile apps. All apps entering into our model will be analysed against our, App Success Calculation (‘ASC’) algorithm and the ideas with the greatest potential are invited to join our programme. At this point we will agree the service that we will provide which will include; building of a prototype, a full business plan, a summary of the financials, a test launch marketing campaign and a seed funding venture.

1How do we work?

Our “ASC” algorithm evaluates businesses against a 15 point criteria, which are proven to define the most profitable app driven businesses.

Apps that score 75% or more through the “ASC” process, will be invited to join our accelerator programme. We will work closely with you to define, refine and produce a brilliant app, we get your business ‘investor ready’.

As part of this process we will also apply for seis / eis pre authorisation. Acceptance into the appchemy accelerator programme, gives credibility to investors in the potential of your app.

We can typically raise up to £250k in the seed round – enough to develop the app, get some amazing resource and develop an exciting marketing strategy to test the product for the first six months.

With our scientific approach, every pound spent is measured so that the strategies with the best roi can be reapplied in the future.

Appchemy will lead the Series ‘A’ funding round which is likely to include Corporate Venture Capital as well as High Net Worth Individuals.

The 6 Steps to success


To evaluate your idea thoroughly we need to understand the customer need, how your idea delivers against that need, market size and potential. We’d also like to understand how you make money and some background about you and your team.


Our propriety algorithm evaluates businesses against 15 core success factors. These have been derived by evaluating the most successful mobile driven businesses. We can only accept ideas that score 75/100 and above as any business scoring less would find investment difficult to obtain.


If accepted we will discuss any fees required to start the project. In return Appchemy will develop a business plan, technical review, and rapid UI/UX prototype. This is all with the objective of making the business seed investor ready. At this stage, Appchemy will also look to take an equity stake in your business.


We will expect these funds to last approx 6 months in which time we would hope to prove the concept for a further major funding round. Every marketing effort will be scientifically measured to provide a basis for future investment and expansion.


Assuming a successful execution and that the business is viable to attracting customers profitably we would move on to a series A funding round, backed predominately by the venture capital industry. Appchemy will continue to be available for advice, expertise and transition to building your marketing and technology teams.


We aim to raise a minimum of £150k under the Government tax efficient SEIS scheme. Depending on the level of secrecy required for your idea we can approach our panel of selected investors or open it to a global wide audience .

A sample of our APPS

We love to design beautiful, eye-catching web applications. Most of our work focuses on building apps, blogs, online stores and incredibly refined user experiences for mobile applications.


Tic Toc






Boiled Egg





Success so far

ideas submitted
Funds Raised

Become a founder investor

We are always on the lookout for savvy founder investors to become involved. The growth of mobile apps is exponential and key to the success of any business. The science that Appchemy is applying to its evaluation and incubation of the apps, ensures that the apps have the best possible chance of success. Financial risks are mitigated significantly through the use of the UK Governments EIS Scheme.

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